Public Guest Talk: Prof. Dr. Anja Geitmann, McGill University, Canada

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The RTG welcomes Anja Geitmann as a guest speaker on Tuesday, 2nd of October 2018.

Titel: “Mastering the maze – how plant sperm reach their mating partners

Male gametes in plants are delivered from one flower to another packaged within the male gametophyte, the pollen. Once the pollen lands on a receptive stigma, the sperm cells must be delivered directly to the female gametophyte which is often centimeters away. The reason is that contrary to their animal counterparts, plant sperm cells are immotile. To accomplish this delivery, the pollen grain forms a rapidly growing protuberance that invades the flower tissues to eventually reach its target nestled deeply in the ovary. Mastering the maze of flower tissues requires the pollen tube to possess the ability to perceive and respond to directional signals and to overcome mechanical obstacles – intriguing traits that will be discussed.


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Research profil of Prof. Dr. Anja Geitmann, McGill University, Canada [link]

Venue: Department Biology, Building B1, Floor 00, Seminar Room Cell Biology (00.581), Staudtstraße 5, 91058 Erlangen.

Time: 5.00 p.m. (s.t.) –> Drinks will be served, starting at 4.30 p.m.